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best massage ever The sessions are an extremely therapeutic and relaxing experience. Rebecca is very skilled with a number of techniques and methods. I would encourage anyone to try her sessions. Rebecca’s work speaks for itself; you will book her again! Rebecca has great interpersonal skills and clinical acumen. I have been seeing her for 7 years.
Hani E
One of the best! Getting a massage is a personal experience, and everyone has a different goal in mind, be it relaxation, meditation, relief of pain, relief of tension, sports therapy, etc. My goal for a massage is sports centric; relieving sore muscles, and releasing knots/joints so that they are able to move freely and naturally again. I have been to a lot of massage therapists, and had my fair share of experiences, from good to terrible. The keyword in "Massage Therapy" that most therapists tend to ignore is the "Therapy". Its not just about relaxing a bit and getting moisturized! My body needs to be restored to its full potential, feel better, and move better after a massage, and in this regard Rebecca is really one of the best! She is a Therapist in the true sense of the word. Rebecca cares about your needs, and takes her time to find your issues and address them. Sometimes she is able to discover issues that I did not even know were hindering me! She is a master at her craft, and is able to use multiple techniques to address your issues. I highly recommend her.
Dawn M
Great Massage Rebecca does a great job of working out any kinks or doing a maintenance massage. I have been a repeat customer for well over a year.
Rob J
Best in the Business! My wife and I both have been going to Massage District for several years now. We are very pleased with the service and attention to detail that we receive when we visit. If I have an area of soreness or pain, Rebecca somehow finds a way to make it go away! Highly recommended!
Vicki V
Best Massage Therapist Ever! I have had many massages over the years for a bad back. Rebecca is by far the best therapist I have experienced. She has an excellent command of a wide range of therapy techniques and is therefore able to design a therapy session unique to an individual's needs. In addition, Rebecca really listens to her client's concerns and is dedicated to providing the optimal in wellness!
Nathan M
Consistently phenomenal I've scheduled roughly one massage per month with Rebecca for the past 2 years or so, & I keep coming back, because she continuously does an excellent job. When I need deep tissue, that's what I get. When I need stretching & trigger point or hot stones,she knows it. She has an uncanny ability to know exactly what the source of my back pain is & uses the best of her many techniques to address any issues, & after 90 minutes all the tension & pain is gone. I haven't seen any of the other therapists but would trust that anyone that can pass the impeccable standards she had established for herself is worth seeing. I am sure to refer anyone I know who is in need of a good massage to Rebecca.